Deep Search Electronics

The intention of this Blog is to chronicle various projects that I work on that will center mainly around the bands that I play in or the musicians that I work with. It is not meant to be a personal reflection or insight into the vast caverns of my extraordinarily interesting life; sorry. There will sometimes be contextual information that gives a bit of insight to the reasoning behind certain projects, but hopefully not too much more than that. For instance, Deep Search is my moniker for recording. Thusly, Deep Search Electronics are the electronic endeavors that follow within that pursuit. I hope to share some ideas as well as help anyone else along with their projects by making myself available for answering questions as well as posting reasonable pictures and explanations along the way. I will probably only post about finished projects, with the exception projects that require much more involvement and take place over several months; these may have several updates along the way. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy it.


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