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The Sunset Grill

This build was for a dear friend who has a deep affinity for all things… ‘Henley’. Suffice to say, if the man owned a juke box, half would be filled with Eagles records. The other half, of course, with some of Henley’s finest solo hits. Among his favorite of the jams is the bass-laden track “Sunset Grill”. So when asked to build a bass guitar pedal that included both fuzz and auto-wah, the name came simply. Sunset for the wah, Grill for the fuzz.


The design for the Auto-Wah is based off of the Snowy White pedal and the fuzz is based off of the wooly mammoth- among my favorite of bass sounds. The stacked effect is rather unpleasant and is suggested in small doses. However, if one found the particular genre of music where this guy fits in, then there truly is no substitute. Perhaps a RATM cover band; perhaps a 70’s rock tribute group called ‘Sex Drive’. The possibilities are limited.

Sunset_04 Sunset_02

For the paint job, I taped off what would make somehow of a rising (or setting) sun, the drip painted it and pulled the tape off. The effect was pretty neat and lended something extra to the overall aesthetic of the build.